Axial Flow Water Pump

18” Hydraulic Submersible Axial Flow High Volume Pump

Model : S18M

The S18M is designed for pumping high volumes of water at low to medium heads.  


  • Specifications
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Discharge Size        :         18”

Max. Diameter        :         28” 

Max. Flow               :         10,000 GPM

Max. Head              :         60 Ft.

HYD. Input              :         70 GPM Max.

HYD. Pressure        :         2500 PSI Max.

Weight                    :         897 lbs.


The mixed flow impeller allows this pump to be used in a wide range of applications including lake draining, stream by-pass, flood control, drydock, foundation and cofferdam de-watering.  Also used to create flooded wildlife habitats.